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Heidi Montag, from “The Hills,” Supports McCain, from “The Government”

Heidi goes political 

 Heidi Montag goes political! Does she even know the meaning of the word?! Heidi Montag, from “The Hills,” has declared that she endorses John McCain for President. As reports roll in about the enormous scoop McCain has caught word and offers splendid reactions and gains exponential publicity from this comical political support. captures John McCain’s reaction with his response, “I’m honored to have Heidi’s support and I want to assure her that I never miss an episode of ‘The Hills,’ especially since the new season started.” Wow, I hope this is all a joke. As Heidi’s OR McCain’s publicist I would first check to see if Heidi is even registered to vote! The Huffington Post captures McCain’s “serious” reaction best with a short clip showing from the “Morning Joe Discussion” on At least now he is assured to have the “dumb blonde, non-voting” population through this “campaign-changing” endorsement.

Great political representation  Sexy Support  It's just too hard McCain shows a little concern  Publicity!

I can see why this would be BIG news. Maybe they do make a great political duo. The sad part is, Heidi’s the serious one, and McCain’s the one making fun of himself. Maybe if the roles were reversed both of them would be doing better in their “careers.”

I believe the smartest remark Montag has made about politics so far, and a for sure sign of her keen interest in the matter, is, “I don’t think anyone cares who Heidi Montag votes for.” Exactly right little lady! And, McCain’s responses are just as bad, “I’m honored to have Heidi’s support.” Oh really, seriously, are you?

As her publicist I might enlighten her on the ways of politics. For instance, you have to be registered to vote, and you may want to uphold some political objectives, morals, goals, stance, anything. Or, you should actually KNOW your political candidate’s platform instead of just uttering, “I’m a Republican and McCain has a lot of experience.” That says it all right there. I guess we can’t blame McCain for her support because she’s not voting for him because of his great stance on Medicare and health issues, but purely because he’s “Republican.” I would also keep that under wraps Republicans.

Great Match

Her actions are laughed at, her endorsements are meaningless, and I don’t think she even knows that you can’t “call in, like on American Idol,” to cast your vote like comedian Chelsea Handler so cleverly pointed out.

I would have kept this hush-hush if I were them. Although they’re getting great publicity it isn’t good for EITHER of them! In this case, there is such a thing as bad publicity. I don’t want our democracy made to look like an overall joke.

I think Heidi’s publicist needs to work on her image a little bit more before throwing her into the world of politics with the big dogs like Hayden Panettiere. I know Panettiere is younger and a little more emotional, but I think I speak for the majority when I say I would listen to her young, concerned words before Heidi Montag on politics any day…



Vogue Cover Controversy with “King James” and Gisele Bundchen

Vogue’s controversial cover

As you all may already know there is “sufficient” controversy going on about the new Vogue cover taken by my beloved Annie Leibovitz. I thought that it was a big deal just because Lebron James, of all people, is the first Black man on the cover of Vogue! I’m not saying that he isn’t great, but there are A LOT of GREAT Black men out there. Is he really the greatest black man they could have picked, but I figured for the theme they were going for he’s great! The cover is of Lebron James in an aggressive pose while Gisele Bundchen is by his side in her modelesque attire. The picture portrays their different lives of sports versus modeling, which the magazine highlights within containing more photographs of them together and other “like” parings (Ex/Caroline Trentini and Michael Phelps). But, NO, that is not the only controversy. Some have claimed that the dynamic duo resembles that of the iconic King Kong set-up of the chest-beating gorilla ravishing the helpless “white” female victim.

The “Resemblance”


First of all, Gisele is NOT the “typical White” woman. She is Brazilian! And she has graced the cover of numerous magazines, so I do believe she knows what she is doing and is viewed as such. She embodies talent, professionalism, and beauty, which I’m sure was the intention of her pose.

Professional Model Gisele

Lebron James is only 23 years old, was this unforeseen controversy the first thing on this immature, young man’s mind when he participated in a history-changing cover shoot? He is amazing at what he does and he makes the claim, as well as being quoted in several places, to have been pictured like this for the soul purpose of showing emotion. Many even know him as “King James,” which is the ONLY connection I see to King Kong.

King James

Professional Basketball Player Lebron James

Also, some have said that other pictures within the magazine would have been more suitable, but I do not believe that is the case when they refer to this image:

Another picture featured inside the magazine

They still would have seen controversy in the positioning and poses.

I don’t think even some of the other photos were less controversial either:





We could easily find some controversy with any of these pictures, but that is not how I feel they should be viewed.

Annie Leibovitz is known for this, so what were they expecting?

Annie Leibovitz

She is amazing

Annie Leibovitz also shoots for other magazines, and just because this is the first African American to grace Vogue’s cover does not mean she has not broken the barriers with her covers in the past with other people of color. Her “Africa” cover series is a perfect example of this! I do not believe malice was meant by this cover. Instead a “coming together” and barrier pushing cover was persecuted for its flaws instead of being celebrated for its accomplishments.




Here are some of Leibovitz‘s other unquestionable controversial, boundary pushing, masterpieces:









Fox news stated that “Vogue spokesman Patrick O’Connell said the magazine ‘sought to celebrate two superstars at the top of their game’ for the magazine’s annual issue devoted to size and shape.” I believe Vogue’s publicist has done a terrific job in defending their cover, and has made a wise choice in not pulling it. For God’s sake, Annie Leibovitz shot it! I would never question the taste or intention of that woman when so many people have trusted their reputation and image in her hands. These pictures are amazing, and I see Lebron James as a powerful basketball player evoking emotion and Gisele Bundchen as a fluid, experienced, and talented model revealing her expertise and knowledge on Vogue’s cover. I do not see a deadly gorilla taking advantage of a helpless White woman. But, the envelope was pushed yet again as people cry out and pull the race card. There have been times that I agree and people should own up to their mistakes, but this is not one of them. Finally, a magazine has stood up for their artistic and appropriate choice! The images are beautiful and should be embraced. And, the publicity will simply help their sales and viewership. If you don’t agree, then don’t buy the magazine…

SXSW Publicity Craze?!







When I first thought about South by Southwest, and before I had ever experienced it, I thought it was all a hoax of “wanna be” artists. It seems like anybody who puts up a music page on they think it makes them the next “hit artist.” There are over 5 million music pages on Sometimes when I’m bored I sift through them and find a couple hidden prospects that I wish would get discovered but probably won’t because of the “clutter.”


mike1.jpg artist_large1.jpg

But, I went to the coveted and highly publicized SXSW weekend fest. I even worked at the Spin/ huge tent. Okay, I admit, it was awesome! The artists that came to the media tent seemed to be those who were up and coming (The Watson Twins, REM, Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, The Ravonettes, etc.), and some of the artists I talked to even went to other artists’ shows going on during that weekend that wowed and won them over. It was cool to see all the support they seemed to give one another. Also, to think that if these artists are doing so well can’t they spot upcoming talent? It seems that it takes one to know one these days. Literally though. Can you really get anywhere as a musician these days without the support of the already famous or support systems ten fold strong?



802618261.jpg sxsw-spin.jpg

The Spin Magazine/ media tent truly was the place to be if you wanted to get any real publicity from SXSW. It was amazing. They supplied gifting which included French designer sunglasses, shoes, clothes, Guitar Hero, and more. They had their own personal tent for private interviews and another area where they were taking cover pictures for the magazine. If you didn’t feel like anyone special they certainly made sure you were tricked for those few days they granted you special access to their “invite only,” prestigious media tent. Then they had a party that headlined Vampire Weekend and another Spin party later that night on the last day of SXSW. All I can say is if you are going to use SXSW to your advantage as a musician forget the live concerts, concentrate on the publicity! Rolling Stones magazine tent was also there. Most of them are “invite” only media tents, but if you figure out how to get the invitation you are set. The shows are just a great follow up to your small “Austin publicity tour,” and you have an array of extra cool badges and wrist bands to sport to show off how important you really are to your fans.


Spin publicity


Publicists are definitely reaping the benefits of the influx of musicians these days. SXSW brought in musicians from ALL over the world. Their managers, publicists, and agents were in tow of course. I had to turn away several publicists who were trying to get their musicians a spot in the RSVP only event in our media tent last minute. Because I got the chance to go behind the scenes I saw what it was really like to keep up your “star power” in the publicity world. I have serious respect for their struggle, and there really is hidden talent out there that needs discovering. A few of the original shows I saw and loved were a crazy, cool percussionist group with a stage show comparable to that of the Blue Man Group called Drum Jam, and a soloist artist that seemed to combine the style of John Meyer and a cool reggae feel called JJ Usher. I also got to meet The Dragonettes who played for the Perez Hilton party! It was a make-up of who’s who with a small town “spin” on it. Although you may not know them today, you better get their signatures now, because they will be somebody tomorrow…



spin-cover-vampire-weekend.jpg 0804_cover.jpg spin-ready-set-go.jpg


JJ Usher on stage


JJ Usher Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins



2006 Spin Promo sample



Spin 2008 & 2007




Kristen Davis Sex Tape Scandal: Titled “Sex and the City” Trailer?

sophisticated.jpg   satc-group.jpg 



Kristen Davis, the actress made famous through her role in the HBO series Sex and the City as “prim and proper ‘Park Avenue Princess’ Charlotte York Goldenblatt,” was rumored to have had a homemade sex tape leaked on the Internet this past Monday (03/16/08). Her “virgin-like” role on the hit series was compromised by this supposed hard-core sex tape scandal. Then this Wednesday (03/18/08) there seemed to be no sex tape produced but “still shots” from this alleged sex tape. As the week moved on Davis continued to deny that it was her in the photos. Just recently, it has been reported, and her name cleared, that it was a Photoshop job for the sex tape stills. But, it has NOW been reported that there are “compromising” (sex) photos out there, which were exposed by Davis’ ex-boyfriend. They were leaked when her ex, Eric Stapleman, apparently in a fit of rage sold them to a “third party” who then had the pictures stolen from him. Kristen’s rep still claims they are not Davis though. Some say that this was all a publicity stunt for their upcoming “Sex and the City” movie said to be released this summer in May. Now, which part is the crisis per say? The part where she had an alleged sex tape, the photos, or the outcry of the hoax itself as a publicity stunt?


0319_davis_eric_ex.jpg   kristindavissextape.jpg 

As I reviewed eight credible “main stream media” sources I found a lot in common between all of their reports of the incident as it broke throughout the week and to the masses. They all seemed to quote or refer to her or her publicist saying that it was not her in the supposed sex tape. even had a quote from Ron Jeremy as if it were recruitment time or an “expert opinion” on the matter of starlets using sex tapes to launch their careers. Obviously, since the sex tape was fabricated this quote and testimonial doesn’t quite work here. All of the media touched on her upcoming movies and her role as Charlotte in the Sex and the City series! They tended to highlight her dainty, sweet characteristics to beef up the shock of Davis actually having a sex tape. even had a movie trailer link in the middle of the article, and at the very bottom of the article had links to other celebrities’ sex tapes. I only saw a couple Web sites that claim there still are some “compromising” photos of Davis out there dating back to 1992 (taken by an ex), one site being, which links to as its source. Others are still stuck on the fraudulent charges of the sex tape and its still shots in their coverage. They all seemed to highlight Davis, as well as the Sex and the City series, upcoming movie, and the sexy claims themselves, in a positive light. Obviously, the photos shown were of the sexy/racy photos being discussed, but some sites like and decided to just put a link to them and show a beautiful smiling or sexy modeling picture of Davis instead. The headlines for these sources tended to be more news worthy and focused on whether the allegations were “true” or not in the title.  

The blogs seemed to have a lot more fun with the story. The blogs quoted her or her publicist if they had any quotes at all. The blogs also plugged the upcoming movie for Davis from time to time. All of their headlines seemed to have a play on words relating the “sex” scandal to “Sex and the City,” which also influenced the publicity hoax allegations. Quite a few blogs like and NZ Herald Blogs actually show either a beautiful and saint-like photo of Davis and/or just a link to the scandalous photos further down the page. But, other blogs who could get their hands on the pictures raced at the chance to post them to attract viewers like actually incorporated both positive images and the dirty ones. A lot of them tended to refer back to TMZ and placed the multitude of stories about her in a positive humorous light that would not hurt her career at all. Some have even claimed that it will help her career! The blogs caught onto the “promotional” hoax a lot faster or at least put it out there boldly for all to know. They focused more on the fact that the scandal is all too conveniently promoting sex, which is the topic for their upcoming “Sex and the City” movie to be released again conveniently soon. They concentrated on challenging and criticizing the Davis sex tape and images to the point where they are actually down playing the scandal helping out Davis’ claims, which is the opposite to what the main stream media did. 

0000041182_20070705173531.jpg  k-blog_41.jpg

Sex, sex, sex, and some more sex… Great publicity if you ask me, but also a juicy “crisis” for Davis’ pristine image. Her and her publicist handled it extremely quickly offering immediate quotes and more “appropriate” pictures and letting it go on for no more than three days tops. They were right to squash it quickly, even if it was a media ploy for the upcoming movie release. Look at how many media covered it for God’s sake! I went through three pages of Google searches and there was still more to be viewed. Even the ex-boyfriend got a “plug” in for his head chef duties at the restaurant he works at in Santa Fe.

Her crystal image as herself, and her role as Charlotte, are what made this real “news” and all that much more scandalous. I think that even if it is her in the pictures it would just be added to her laundry list of qualifications for the hit series and liven up her “youthful” look to the media and viewers. Hey look, now she can play more than her one role as the “good girl.” The supposed nude pictures leaked by an ex just come with the territory of past baggage and is probably the reason WHY he’s an EX. She’s gorgeous and I think that with her Sex and the City role any one of those girls can pull off great sex photos and not be seen as taboo or “outrageous” for this day and age.

 In this “crisis” case I don’t believe it could have ended badly or any better. Her story was covered with a biased slant towards her, and she was the one quoted in the majority if not all the stories. Her name was cleared for the first two scandles, which makes her allegations and testimonies that much more believable for the future ones. As long as they get the facts out, whatever they may be, as quickly as they can, which they did, they are fine in my book. Now if the pictures end up being authentic I think negating the allegations will not only hurt, but is unwarranted since I don’t feel the truth would have even hurt her image but rather improve it. It’s a great start to a publicity tour! I don’t know if it was her publicist’s sheer brilliance or good hard luck, but she managed to plug Davis’ upcoming movie over the Internet like “wire fire.” In fact, I am just one of many who just spread the fire a little bit more… 


How old are you Hayden Panettiere?

“Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere is a publicist’s dream come true! Her publicist’s biggest crisis management moment was an arrest warrant scare, which she was issued because of her heartfelt plea and protest for the dolphins in Japan.

 Dolphin protests - Hayden style   Saving the dolphins in Japan

She is amazing with paparazzi, she is honest and outspoken, she does not have a criminal record, she does not drink, she is studious, she saves dolphins, she puts boys on the back burner, she speaks out at philanthropy rallies, she sings, she dances, she acts, she has been voted as one of the sexiest, most powerful, and most beautiful by different celebrity magazines and she exudes smiles and “niceness!” She just enjoys life, and she’s ALL smiles. I have never seen anyone so happy! In public relations there is no such thing as “too nice:” everyone adores her cute, talented, beautiful self.

Save The Whales!  Studios   

So, how old is she? 18! She is now “of age.” So, GQ had to snatch her up and add a new image to the barely legal newcomer…

 GQ shoot   GQ shoot  GQ shoot

Now we are all raving about the new sexy GQ shoot! Fox News even picked up the story. Within the Fox article they quote Hayden Panettiere saying, “You can’t schedule rehab for me. And I don’t think you can schedule any DUIs […] I think I’m going to be one of those boring girls.” I pray for this to be true! The fearless, bold beauty is a great spokesperson for her causes, and her actions prove and solidify her mature new age.

I think, at the moment, the pictures are appropriate only because of her maturity and her actions that accompany her fun-loving attitude, but I want to cling onto this rare breed for as long as possible. There are not enough role models such as her for our youth these days. Beauty and brains are rare in any setting for that matter. But, now she truly is the Jack of all trades. Her publicist has done a great job, and it would be a dream to work with Panettiere. Let’s just hope that she does not get tainted by all the publicity and the back-and-forth pulling of those around her much like what happened to our past pop-princess Britney Spears.

Dolce & Gabbana – WHY?!

Why on Earth did Dolce & Gabbana choose Matthew McConaughey as their spokesperson for their new fragrance ad?

Matt Damon does a great impression of Matthew McConaughey on the “Late Show,” which is exactly my impression of him…So, does the Dolce & Gabbana brand scream this rough, non-deodorant wearing, cowboy, muscle-bulging, shirtless, unsophisticated, stud muffin? 

I think not. I’m pretty sure we all think of him this way, so please don’t fool yourself by saying he matches this sophisticated, divine, beautiful smelling, and delightful brand!

Now for the real question at hand…Does this improve Matthew McConaughey’s image, degrade Dolce & Gabbana’s sophistication, or does it say something more? I admit he’s beautiful, but he smells! So, is that what Dolce & Gabbana is saying they are trying to change? Are they saying that even a body worked to perfection such as Matthew’s can smell deliciously divine after a shirtless run? Well, I know the commercial definitely makes Matthew look sexy in a SUITE (seems to be a rare occasion), while keeping his signature move at the end of the ad with a casual, and freeing strip tease: thank you Dolce & Gabbana for that!

Surprise…He’s shirtless  And again with Lance…  Rough Longhorn fan  And once again…Can’t get enough

The truth is, I feel Dolce & Gabbana is the perfect home for a sexy, SHIRTLESS man who likes to be naked. The campaign can add a little sophistication to his image also. I think he needs it! And, of course, it has already gotten plenty of publicity, which Dolce & Gabbana will love. Because of the tasteful brand we know that Dolce & Gabbana will do it right and well for our Longhorn-loving Texas home-fry! Men and women alike are already raving about it, and very few, if any, have mentioned his past press of bad stench. I guess Dolce & Gabbana has covered it up! Now he’s perfect (Sigh!).

The Brand of Dolce & Gabbana  Wow!

Baby Boom Celeb Style!

I think we’ve all noticed the new baby bellies popping up around Hollywood: Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, and now speculation about Fergie! The new “in thing” seems to be baby mamas! (Check out the mamas-to-be by clicking on the link)

Pregnant Halle 

It may be intruding and horrible to say, but this is one of the best times to work in some PR between the star mommy’s movies, concerts, or whatever else she is involved in. I don’t mean have a baby in order to get great publicity. We all know that doesn’t work: Britney Spears. But, not enough celebs have taken the opportunity to separate from the pack of baby booming mommies-to-be. Why don’t they do what Demi Moore did when she was pregnant with Scout. Her nude, vulnerable, pregnant body on the cover of Vanity Fair was meant to portray “anti-Hollywood, anti-glitz” attitude (Annie Leibovitz’s brilliance yet again). But, controversy arrose, which also gave rise to more positive publicity for sweet Demi Moore. She showed a sweeter, more delicate side of her “character:” her pregnant self.

 Demi Moore Pregnant and Beautiful

Instead women are hiding their baby humps with baggy designer clothes and not even releasing the fact that their bulging belly has a baby in it at all until the exact moment it pops out!

Jlo hiding here baby bump  Angelina hiding her baby bump

I understand wanting to keep your personal life private, but by skirting the issue all together you are sending out mixed signals of insecurity, secrecy, modesty, and defensiveness. By showing off that stretch marked belly of baby beauty you show vulnerability, motherly tendencies, pride, and beauty.  Jessica Alba’s numerous interviews on the topic are the closest we’ve come to celeb baby mama publicity. Aguilera graced the cover of Marie Claire, and received wonderful press coverage. In fact it re-branded her as a “motherly” type who has changed her ways from the wild seductress rocker.

Pregnant Jessica Alba on David Letterman    

(Jessica Alba on David Letterman)

    Pregnant Aguilera with Marie Claire   Pregnant and nude Auilera with Marie Claire

But, I believe they can do so much more to show the real beauty of life. We, as women, will love them and their stretch marks with respect and pride alike!  

Annie Leibovitz Does it Again!

I believe that if anyone does a photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz they’ve made it! Her pictures not only boost their exposure on one of America’s top magazines Vanity Fair but also tend to capture the inner scenes of Hollywood in her controversial sets. What better way is there to show Hollywood entertainment?! Especially in this upcoming March Vanity Fair edition!

March Vanity Fair Cover by Annie Leibovitz

Alfred Hitchcock Reborn! Today’s movie star beauties meet the classic collection of Alfred Hitchcock’s films. The clash of decades produced an amazing composition that has been picked up by all press alike.

Can you say AWESOME! What a brilliant PR idea to combine the past, present, and future to create buzz. I’ve already noticed over 20 blogs picking up the story (including It’s great for our actors and actresses to show off their talent as everyone raves about the characters they morphed into on the shoot.

E! even showed a segment on the cover last night (2/6/08). It is rare for a magazine to get such airtime, but Vanity Fair, because of Annie Leibovitz’s 14-year cover shots, does it time and time again.

Vanity Fair Photo from March Alfred Hitchcock edition

As stated on Vanity Fair’s descriptions and captions of Leibovitz’s photo shoot the list of stars participating are endless: Casey Affleck, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Julie Christie, Marion Cotillard, Robert Downey Jr., Ben Foster, Jodie Foster, Emile Hirsch, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Jason Leigh, James McAvoy, Omar Metwally, Gwyneth Paltrow, Seth Rogen, Eva Marie Saint, Charlize Theron, Naomi Watts, Tang Wei, and Renée Zellweger.

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Hello world!

The Entertainment world has been enriched and exposed through public relations coverage. Journalists are bombarded hourly by new stories “needing” to be covered. Public Relations will shape the future of our favorite celebs’ futures. Watch what you say, protect your privacy, and expose your secrets with the help of PR professionals otherwise it may just end in disaster!