New Devices Push Brands To Develop Mobile Websites

We talk about consumers with their devices on the go all the time. With the release of a new device on what seems to be a monthly basis, it could be unclear on whether or not a company should create a traditional website or a mobile website. The importance of a proper website has been proven to be a key factor for consumers returning to your site.

iPad & Friends

iPad & Friends (Photo credit: Yutaka Tsutano)

Creating the proper website experience is not only important for a retail company, but for any industry.  Sixty-four percent of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online[1] and believe that mobile helps their shopping experience.

The release of the iPad mini, having a small seven-inch screen, can further blur the lines between mobile websites and traditional websites. Most tablet screen sizes vary between seven and 12 inches, where a mobile site would be best suited.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini Tablet: Visual Tour

The statistics for consumer’s behavior, in terms of using a mobile website, are staggering. Seventy-one percent of smartphone users that see TV, press or online ads do a mobile search for more information. And, according to a study conducted by Compuware, 57% of users would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site.

Traditional web can come into play if the intended audience prefers larger tablet screens or laptops. A one-column mobile website design would not be appropriate for a 15”, or larger, screen because the width for a traditional screen exceeds that of the height. These measurements prevent a one-column mobile design from fully utilizing the space on the screen whereas a traditional 3-column site design allows the viewer to see more across the page in one screen without having to scroll.

Providing what consumers want goes beyond optimizing their purchasing power, but tailoring a proper user experience that can prevent a loss of consumers and increase loyalty. By creating both traditional and mobile designs increases your odds of capturing your audience through their channel of choice ending in a successful user experience: purchase.

Waterstone's in-store ad for their mobile website

Waterstone’s in-store ad for their mobile website (Photo credit: ianfogg42)


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